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||||| ROTARY SWITCH |||||

Rotary switch
2R6-A, 4R6-A
EU-RoHS compliant products

Applications Various audio equipment, Power control, Measurement equipment,
Communication facilities
Features Solid-Ag contacts
Excellent stability
Contact resistance 5mohm or less
Switching method Non-Shorting / Shorting
Number of Wafers 1 (2R6), 2 (4R6)
Number of Poles 2 (2R6), 4 (4R6)
Number of contact Per Poles 6 (max)
Max Rating AC100V 1A, DC70V 1A
Indexing angle 30 degrees
Dimensions 2R6-A (Non-Shorting) >>

2R6-AM (Shorting) >>

4R6-A (Non-Shorting) >>

4R6-AM (Shorting) >>

Rotary switch
RR16G Series
EU-RoHS compliant products
Please see datasheet >>
Applications Various audio equipment, Communication facilities
Features Au-plated contacts
Contact resistance 15mohm or less
Switching method Shorting, Non-Shorting
Number of Wafers 5 (Max)
Number of Poles 10 (Max)
Number of contact Per Poles 23 (Max)
Max Rating AC100V 300mA , DC100V 150mA
Indexing angle 15 degrees, 30 degrees
Size 20mm x 22.5mm x **mm