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CPA-T-9100 Series
Conductive plastic resistor element used (Low slide noise).
Best touch.
Horizontal style control-bar design (Protection against dust).
Durable system which adopted the shaft of the high quality.
All models include a touch sense track.
Last update: 2024.03.15. [Specifications] [Note] [Dimensions] [Model-number] [Update list] EU-RoHS

Due to a delay in parts procurement, the color of the main body (label side) has been changed to gray.
This will not affect the use of the product.
If you cannot change the color, please contact our sales department.

Electrical specifications
(initial value)
CPA-T-9100 Series
Products CPA-T-910*-B*
Number of circuits
Type of output law
Law: Linear taper
Circuit method (Output law1) Potentiometer circuit
Total resistance (1-C), (1-3) 10kohm,   5kohm
Total resistance tolerance ±20%
Absolute linearity (Linear taper) ±5% (The travel is divided into 10 sections and 11 positions are measured.)
Residual voltage (1-2), (2-3) 10mV or less
Residual resistance (1-2), (2-3) 30ohm or less  (Reference values)
Touch sense track contact
20ohm or less (Between terminal 4 and Control-bar.)
Voltage proof 1 Min. at AC500V
Insulation resistance 50Mohm or more at DC500V
Max rating 0.2W
Maximum input voltage DC30V or less
Sliding noise level 47mV or less (by JIS C 6443)
Sliding life 100,000 Cycles Min. (18cycles/min, Sliding noise level: Less than 100mV)

Mechanical specifications
(initial value)
CPA-T-9100 Series
Travel (Stroke) length 100mm ±0.5mm
Operating force 0.03 to 0.2N
Strength Nut-Attached 100Ncm
Attached parts M3 screw / 4-40UNC screw (Length: Panel thickness + 3mm)
Stopper strength 40N
Push-pull strength 40N
Alignment to the center ±0.5mm (State not to pressure control-bar, Measurement position: Mounting surface)

General specifications CPA-T-9100 Series
Temperature range -10 to +50 degrees C (Operating), -15 to +60 degrees C (Storage)
Relative humidity 80%RH (No condensation)

Please check before use.
* Solder heat resistance: 350deg C max, 5sec max, 2 times. (Manual soldering only)
* Please take care during soldering that the smoke from the solder does not flow inside a fader.
* If the flux sticks to a resistor board, it may cause a trouble with the fader.
* Move to one end in Control-bar on the occasion of knob wearing, and can break into it slowly.
* It is highly recommended that the fault tolerant system is to be set up in the big situation like the live broadcast.
* Operating force is lighter than other CPA-9000 series.
* This product is designed on the assumption of the horizontal use.
* The enough operational testing is highly recommended for the slant or the vertical use to prevent the unexpected operation.
*The terminal arrangement and numbering is the same as the MF-9000 series of motor faders,
  unlike the CPA-9000 series of manual faders.
* Replacing it from other brands tests it enough, and please consider.
* Color may vary slightly due to body material.
* Due to the way the body is processed, there may be some rubbing on the folded parts.
* A simple resistor maintenance procedure is presented. Please try it when you need it.
  However, we do not guarantee the product after this work.
* Please provide your own equipment.

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CPA-T-9101-B  (Same dimensions as CPA-9101.) CPA-T-9102-B  (Same dimensions as CPA-9102.)

Panel cut out


Model number
CPA-T-910 1 - UNC - B 10K
*1 *2   *3   *4 *5

*1 Product number CPA-T-910 : CPA-T-9100 Series
Control-bar length: Length (Bracket height)
1 : 9mm (5mm)
2 : 11mm (7mm)
Mounting threads
Blank : M3
UNC   : 4-40UNC
*4 Output law B   : Linear taper + Touch sense track
Total resistance
10K : 10kohm
5K   : 5kohm

    Model Number Search 

  • CPA-T-9101-B10K      *
    (9mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 10kohm, M3)
  • CPA-T-9101-B5K
    (9mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 5kohm, M3)
  • CPA-T-9102-B10K      *
    (11mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 10kohm, M3)
  • CPA-T-9102-B5K
    (11mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 5kohm, M3)
  • CPA-T-9101-UNC-B10K      *
    (9mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 10kohm, UNC)
  • CPA-T-9101-UNC-B5K
    (9mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 5kohm, UNC)
  • CPA-T-9102-UNC-B10K      *
    (11mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 10kohm, UNC)
  • CPA-T-9102-UNC-B5K
    (11mm control-bar, Linear taper, Resistance 5kohm, UNC)
  (* is the standard model)
   After selecting each specification, the model number for ordering appears at the top.
   (If blank, there is no target model.)

Update list
2024.03.15. Introduction of model number search.
2023.12.19. Addition of maximum input voltage specification.     Change in maximum ratings.
2023.08.24. Add maintenance information.
2023.08.04. Added note on body material.
2023.07.20. Slight correction of specification notations.   Specification 4-40UNC_screw, Audio-taper, AP-taper and Snap_action_switch deleted.
2023.03.29. Additional 3D data (step format).
2022.11.01. First edition