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TYPE HR23S Series
Au-plated contact materials (Low contact resistance).
31positions (0dB - Cut off).
Used a highly precise resistor.
23.5mm square

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Electrical specifications TYPE HR23S Series
Products HR23S-*31R-*-*
Attenuation [Load: High]

CCW (Large attenuation & cut off) - CW (Small attenuation)
Degrees (CCW to CW) 300 degrees290 to 10 degrees (10 degrees step)0 degrees
Attenuation [dB] Cut-off50, 46, 43, 40, 37.5, 35, 32.5, 30, ...(2dB step)...,
20, ...(1.5dB step)..., 11, ...(1dB step)..., 1
Circuit method Potentiometer circuit
Total resistance (1-C) 10kohm, 100kohm
Total resistance tolerance ±3%
Attenuation  accuracy
 [Load: High]
Max attenuation [Load: High] 50dB ±0.5dB
Cut off [15kHz] 80dB Min.
Matching accuracy
 [Load: High]
0.5dB or less (0dB to 50dB)
Insertion loss 0.3dB or less
Frequency range (DC to Max) DC to 20kHz
Voltage proof 1 Min. at AC100V
Insulation resistance 100Mohm or more at DC500V
Input level Max. 0.1W
Rotational life 30,000 Cycles Min. (18cycles/min, Insertion loss: 1dB or less)
* [Load: high]    The output side load should be used with high impedance (20 times or more than the total resistance value).

Mechanical specifications HR23S Series
Operating angle 300 degrees ±2 degrees
Step angle 10 degrees
Strength Nut-Attached 50Ncm
Attached parts M2.6 screw (Length: Panel thickness + 4mm)
Stopper strength 50Ncm
Push-pull strength 50N

General specifications HR23S Series
Temperature range -10 to +70 degrees C (Operating), -15 to +75 degrees C (Storage)
Relative humidity 90%RH (No condensation)

* Solder heat resistance: 350deg C max, 5sec max, 2 times. (Manual soldering only)
   Please take care during soldering that the smoke from the solder does not flow inside a switch.
   The solder please use the thing of the same composition. (Solder for wire lapping sticks to a terminal.)
   Use solder: SN100C (Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni-Ge) NIHON SUPERIOR CO.,LTD.
* Special order is not acceptable.
* It is highly recommended that the fault tolerant system is to be set up in the big situation like the live broadcast.
* Replacing it from other brands tests it enough, and please consider.
* This product is an attenuator of the types to change resistance.
   Therefore, a switching noise may occur.

Dimensions - HR23S-*31R-*-*

Dimensions - Terminations

Model number
HR23S - 1131 R - L1 - 10K
*1   *2 *3   *4   *5

*1 Product number HR23S : HR23S Series
Number of circuits
1131 : Single circuit (Single wafer)
2231 : Dual circuit (Dual wafers)
*3 Control shaft type R : Round
Control shaft length
L1 : 10.5mm
L2 : 20mm
Total resistance
10K   : 10kohm
100K : 100kohm

Products No.
( X: Standard model)
Number of circuits Total resistance Shaft diameter x Shaft length
HR23S-1131R-L1-10K X 1 10kohm Φ6 x 10.5mm
HR23S-1131R-L1-100K X 1 100kohm Φ6 x 10.5mm
HR23S-1131R-L2-10K X 1 10kohm Φ6 x 20mm
HR23S-1131R-L2-100K X 1 100kohm Φ6 x 20mm
HR23S-2231R-L1-10K X 2 10kohm Φ6 x 10.5mm
HR23S-2231R-L1-100K X 2 100kohm Φ6 x 10.5mm
HR23S-2231R-L2-10K X 2 10kohm Φ6 x 20mm
HR23S-2231R-L2-100K X 2 100kohm Φ6 x 20mm

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