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LMA5-2000 Series
Direct print resistor element used (Special surface treatment).
Vertical style control-bar design.
PCB Terminal style.
All models include a touch sense track.
Last update: 2023.03.17. [Electrical-spec] [Mechanical-spec] [Note] [Dimensions] [Model-number] EU-RoHS

This product is compatible with MLA-Series.

Electrical specifications LMA5-2000 Series
Products LMA5-2101*-B*-* LMA5-2601*-B*-*
Number of circuits
Type of output laws
Law1: Linear taper
Circuit method (Output law1) Potentiometer circuit
Total resistance (1-3) 10kohm,   5kohm
Total resistance tolerance ±20%
Linearity ±5%   (Linear taper)
Residual resistance (1-2), (2-3) 50ohm or less   (Linear taper)
Touch sence track contact
resistance (T-Control-bar)
30ohm or less
Voltage proof 1 Min. at AC500V
Insulation resistance 50Mohm or more at DC100V
Max rating DC20V (0.1W)
Sliding noise level 47mV or less (by JIS C 6443)
Sliding life 100,000 Cycles Min. (18cycles/min, Sliding noise level: Less than 100mV)
Drive motor data
DC8V Iron cored motor : Input voltage: DC5V - 11.5V (Nominal DC8V), Stall current: 0.5A or less
               [FF-050SB-09250 : MABUCHI MOTOR Co., Ltd.]

Mechanical specifications LMA5-2101 Series LMA5-2601 Series
Travel (Stroke) length 100mm ±0.5mm 60mm ±0.5mm
Operating force
0.1 to 0.3N
0.15 to 0.4N (With dust cover)
Strength Nut-Attached 100Ncm
Attached parts M3 screw (Length: Panel thickness + 3~5mm)
Stopper strength 30N
Push-pull strangth 30N
Alignment to the center ±0.5mm (State not to pressure control-bar, Measurement position: Mounting surface)

General specifications LMA5-2000 Series
Temperature range -10 to +50 degrees C (Operating), -15 to +60 degrees C (Storage)
Relative humidity 80%RH (No condensation)

* Solder heat resistance: 350deg C max, 5sec max, 2 times. (Manual soldering only)
* Please take care during soldering that the smoke from the solder does not flow inside a fader.
* If the flux sticks to a resistor board, it may cause a trouble with the fader.
* Move to one end in Control-bar on the occasion of knob wearing, and can break into it slowly.
* It is highly recommended that the fault tolerant system is to be set up in the big situation like the live broadcast.
* This product is designed on the assumption of the horizontal use.
* The enough operational testing is highly recommended for the slant or the vertical use to prevent the unexpected operation.
* Replacing it from other brands tests it enough, and please consider.
* The type with dust-cover rubs against dust-cover and control-bar, which changes operating force and the feel of the product.

Dimensions - LMA5-2101-*-M8V
LMA5-2101   (Linear taper) LMA5-2101   (Linear taper, With dust cover)

Dimensions - LMA5-2601-*-M8V
LMA5-2601   (Linear taper) LMA5-2601   (Linear taper, With dust cover)

Dimensions - Panel cut out

Dimensions - P.C.Board Mounting hole detail (Viewed from mounting side)

Dimensions - Terminations

Model number
LMA5-210 1 D - B 10K - M8V
*1 *2 *3   *4 *5   *6

Product number (travel)
LMA5-210 : 100mm
LMA5-260 : 60mm
*2 Control-bar length: Length (Bracket height) 1 : 9mm (5mm)
Option: Dust cover
Blank : Without
D   : With
*4 Output law  B   : Linear taper + Touch sence track
Total resistance
10K : 10kohm
5K   : 5kohm
*6 DC Motor type M8V : DC8V Iron cored

Products No.
( X: Standerd model)
Travel Output
Dust cover Touch
Motor Mounting
Control-bar length
(Bracket height)
LMA5-2101-B10K-M8V X 100mm Linear 10kohm Without With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2101-B5K-M8V   100mm Linear 5kohm Without With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2101D-B10K-M8V   100mm Linear 10kohm With With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2101D-B5K-M8V   100mm Linear 5kohm With With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2601-B10K-M8V X 60mm Linear 10kohm Without With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2601-B5K-M8V   60mm Linear 5kohm Without With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2601D-B10K-M8V   60mm Linear 10kohm With With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)
LMA5-2601D-B5K-M8V   60mm Linear 5kohm With With DC8V
iron cored
M3 9mm (5mm)

Update list
2023.03.17. Additional 3D data (step format).
2023.03.04. Correction of erroneous listing of terminal length. [4.8 → 4.3]
2023.02.20. First edition